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Since 1987, the award winning Jet-Black Franchise Group has been a leader in the property maintenance industry.  Operating 104 franchises in 15 states, our franchise owners achieve success through quality training, ongoing corporate support, and a proven system for success.

Our Franchise Companies...

Jet-Black® is in the home improvement business working in the billion dollar asphalt maintenance industry.  Primary work includes sealcoating and asphalt repair.  Established in 1987.Jet-Black.html
Black Dawg Sealcoat® is a brand option in certain geographic regions of the US.  Black Dawg Sealcoat® and Jet-Black® combine to be the largest asphalt maintenance company in the United States.BlackDawg.html
Yellow Dawg Line Striping® is an industry leader in professional pavement line striping.  Utilizing high tech equipment and high quality paints, Yellow Dawg franchise owners excel in this high demand industry.YellowDawg.html
Blue Dawg Power Wash® is a professional pressure washing franchise system.  Blue Dawg’s custom high-tech mobile pressure washing unit utilizes high heat and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done.BlueDawg.html

Jet-Black Franchise Group has been awarded a spot in Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious annual Franchise 500® Issue.  Once again, Jet-Black is one of the highest ranked property maintenance franchisors in the listings.  Jet-Black has been rising in the rankings for 6 startight years!  With over 10,000 franchise systems in the US, it is an honor to be listed in the top 500. 

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Visit with Jet-Black Franchise Group at the 2016 National Pavement Expo in Charlotte, NC from Jan 27-30.

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